Thomas Lowry


Location-Bellingham, WA

Lefty or Righty-Lefty all day

Favorite dama has got to be my custom painted/glazed keyaki ozora by the man himself, Bryan Hansen

I play for BHC for a lot of reasons, but to sum it up to a few, I love this company, watching it grow,
watching the people involved in it improve, and repping BHC damas because they seriously jam!

Kendama has taught me many things mentally, physically, and even helped me improve another hobby I love (video editing).
From coordination to patience and dedication to process improvement which I believe to be the most valuable skill I know,
Kendama can do a lot for anyone.

Andrei Cudia


Lefty or Righty? Righty

My favorite dama is the Red BHC Pokéball for its design and tracking. And it's a Pokéball!

I play for BHC because it's supporting a smaller company that I believe will succeed more in the future. It's mainly operated by just Bryan himself, too. That takes a lot of heart and determination! The whole team believes in him as he believes in us.

Kendama has taught me to be creative from new tricks to new edits. It has let me practice two other hobbies I like: photography and videography. I am also thankful for the friends that it has led me to!

Jacob Womack


Location-Menlo, Ga

Lefty or Righty- Righty

My favorite dama would have to be a BHC V1 natty.

I play for BHC because not only are their amazing Kendama's. The team and the person behind the company are the most unique, talented, and nicest people you will ever meet.

Kendama has taught me a lot such as the obvious things like hand eye coordination, patience, and balance. However Kendama has most importantly taught me that a simple toy can make someone's life ten times happier.